weldmetrix introduces itself

Innovation, efficiency, quality and progress are not just words to us, they are the heart of weldmetrix.

We are a dynamic team of professionals brought together by a shared passion for technological innovation.

Each member of our team brings years of experience in areas such as automation, quality control, data analysis and sensor development.

Our expertise is complemented by our extensive network of suppliers and partners who help us implement holistic approaches and the highest level of customization.

 Our Key Team Members

Christian Farmer

CEO / Co-Founder

Fabian Guggenberger

Sales & Project Manager / Co-Founder

Gerald Fürnweger

Hardware Developer / Co-Founder

Martin Melchart

COO / Co-Founder

Karin Angerer

Sales Operation Managerin

Yvonne Suchentrunk

Operations Managerin

our main focus

is focused on the development and implementation of highly sensitive sensor technologies that monitor and analyze the joining process in real time. As an independent supplier and privately owned company, we are not tied to specific manufacturers or products, which allows us to be highly flexible and quick to make decisions.

Our products are more than just advanced – they are versatile and adaptable. With a modular software platform concept that can collect, store, evaluate and, in the best case, control data of any dimension, weldmetrix offers solutions that can be adapted and expanded to meet your needs. Our smallest and fastest sensor unit on the market also offers a range of integration options and can be integrated into both existing and newly purchased hardware.

Quality in focus

Despite our focus on technological innovation and efficiency, quality remains at the heart of everything we do. Our high quality standards, coupled with our willingness to continually review and improve existing systems, ensure that we always deliver the best products and services.

But technology alone is not enough. At weldmetrix, we know that excellent customer service is just as important as innovative products. That’s why we’re committed to providing not only high-quality products, but also comprehensive services that help our customers get the most out of their systems. From regular maintenance to rapid troubleshooting, we never leave our customers alone.


because we are not alone

Behind weldmetrix is not only an Austrian team of experts. From our foreign partner locations we offer our services wherever you need us!

Research Partner

Service and sales partner

weldmetrix GmbH

elevating standards, monitoring success


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