Safety Risk

of faulty joining processes

Welding process monitoring and improvement are critical safety factors in many industries, from automotive to aerospace to construction. Inadequate monitoring and improvement of these processes leads to serious safety risks, both for the companies themselves and for the end users.

  • Production line breakdowns and malfunctions
  • Significant costs and lost productivity
  • Accidents involving end users
  • Legal and Regulatory Risks
  • Costly recalls & litigation

The message is clear: inadequate monitoring and improvement of welding processes is a risk that companies cannot afford. It is critical that we recognize the importance of these processes and take the necessary steps to monitor and continuously improve them.

Security for your business

Companies that use process monitoring tools benefit in many ways. One of the most important benefits is increased delivery capability. By using process monitoring, production becomes less dependent on human experience and potential errors. This ensures higher and more consistent product quality that is independent of human factors.

Continuous production is facilitated by continuous process monitoring. With the ability to provide real-time, accurate data on ongoing manufacturing processes, problems can be quickly identified and corrected. This minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

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In addition, product traceability is increased to 100%. Each step in the manufacturing process can be fully documented and tracked. This not only facilitates quality assurance, but also helps identify opportunities for improvement.

It is also important to note that even in the most efficient manufacturing environments, process variation is inevitable. Whether it’s a temperature fluctuation in the production hall or a blockage in a production machine, the use of process monitoring allows such deviations to be quickly detected and eliminated, resulting in more stable and reliable production overall.

Security for your customers

For companies that purchase weldments and use them in their own products, the safety risks of inadequate monitoring and improvement of welding processes are no less significant. Lack of or poor quality assurance in welding production can have serious consequences throughout the supply chain.

One important consideration is product performance. Incorrectly welded components can fail under stress, resulting in production downtime and disruption. This can have a significant impact on productivity and operating costs. In addition, poor welds can lead to premature failure of end products, resulting in significant warranty and service costs.

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In addition, compliance with safety and quality standards may be compromised. Companies that use unsafe or substandard welded components in their products may be in violation of legal and regulatory requirements. This can result in fines, penalties and, in serious cases, shutdown of operations.

A lack of quality control among suppliers can lead to questions about their own business practices and commitment to quality and safety. This can erode customer and partner confidence and damage long-term business relationships.

Security for end customers

Consumers rely on the safety and reliability of the products and structures they use, from vehicles and electrical appliances to aircraft. For products and structures that include welded components, inadequate monitoring and improvement of welding processes can undermine this trust and seriously compromise the safety of end users.

Incorrectly welded components can fail under load, leading to serious or even fatal accidents. This can range from a car accident caused by a faulty airbag capsule to an airplane crash caused by faulty welds. Therefore, it is critical that everyone in the production chain rigorously monitor and continuously improve welding processes.

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